Reading Notes: Alice in Wonderland Part B

A Mad Tea Party There was a table set in front of a house where the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea with a a sleeping Dormouse sleeping inbetween them. They were all crowded at a corner and claimed there was no room, but there was more than enough. They offered her winde but there wasn't any which she said was not civil to offer but they thought it was uncivil for her to sit with them when she had not been invited. The Hatter then asked why a raven was like a writing-desk, which caused a discussion for a while until he asked what day of the month it was. Alice said it was the fourth, to which Hatter said their watch was two days off and so they repaired it with butter and tea. Alice felt puzzled throughout the conversation and finally said, as politely a possible, that she could not understand a thing. 
Story source:Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (1865).

Reading Notes: Alice in Wonderland Part A

Down the Rabbit-Hole Alice was with her sister who was reading a book, but she began feeling very tired and sleepy, when at of nowhere she saw a white rabbit. She then heard the rabbit say to itself "oh dear! I shall be late" as it pulled a watch out of its waistpocket, which filled her with curiosity. She followed the rabbit and saw it jump in a rabbit-hole, and so she decided to also go into it. She fell through the hole which seemed to go on forever and was lined with cupboards and shelves. She finally fell unto a room surrounded by doors, but they were all locked. She then saw a table where there was a tiny key, but all the doors were too big for it except for a tiny little door only fidteen inches high. She opened the door but saw no use in waiting by it so she returned to the table where she found a bottle labeled "drink me". When she had drank the liquid she shrunk to be only ten inches high, just the right size to fit through the door but she had forgotten …

Reading Notes: King Arthur Part B

The End of Arthur Arthur's nephew, Sir Mordred, plotted against him. Arthur is then struck in battle by Mordred and lies wounded in the battlefield, attended by Sir Bedivere. Arthur knows his tie has come and asks Sir Bedivere to take his sword and throw it in the water. Sir Bedivere told Arthur that he would do as told, but instead hid the sword under a tree. When he returned, Arthur asked what he had seen to which he responded that only the winds and waves, thus Arthur knew he had not truly thrown the sword into the water and instructed him again to do so. Again, Sir Bedivere ignored the commands, so Arthur called him a traitor and said that if he did not do as he was told, he would slay Sir Bedivere himself. Sir Bedivere then threw the sword into the water, and as it flew, an arm and hand lifted itself out of the water and caught the sword by its hilt. Sir Bedivered returned and told King Arthur, who then asked him to carry him to the water. A small barge containing fair ladies…

Reading Notes: King Arthur Part A

The Drawing of the Sword After King Uther Pendragon died, there was no one to rule the land of Britain. The Merlin, the magician, rode to the Archbishop of Canterbury and together decided that they should meet at the Great Church in London on Christmas morning. On that day, they found a large stone that had a sword embedded in it, which read "Whoso pulleth out this sword is by right of birth King of England". Many tugged at the sword, but none could pull it out. They then decided to hold a tournament where all knights could participate. On the day of the tournament, came Sir Ector with his son Sir Kay and his foster-son Arthur. Sir Kay had left behind his sword so he asked his brother to retrieve it for me, but seeing that he could not find it, he pulled the sword in the stone. When he gave the sword to his brother and he saw the inscription, Sir Kay told his father that has was the rightful king of Britain, but his brother had him swear this upon a holy book. Thus, Sir Kay …

Week 11 Story: When the Earth Shakes

Some time had passed. Minutes, hours, it was impossible to know exactly how long, but some time had definitely passed, and there were no signs that they would be rescued any time soon. Hannah held her son tightly and thought back to the moments right before it hit. 
"Sleep well, I love you," she said as she placed a kiss on her son's forehead. 
"I love you too," replied little Ollie, closing his eyes and turning on his side. 
Hannah walked to the door and flipped the light switch. She looked at her son's sleeping face once more and was about to walk away when she heard it. A roaring sound that would stop anyone right on their tracks. Whoever has experienced a strong earthquake knows, you usually hear it before you feel it. That night, the roar was so distinct that each and every hair in Hannah's body stood up in a matter of seconds, and she knew what was about to come. 
"Mommy I'm scared," Ollie's voice snapped Hannah right back to re…

Reading Notes: British North America Part B

Turtle and Thunder Once Turtle was living alone in the lake, and several times he was hit by something, but when he came out of the water to see what it was, there was nothing. He thus went out of the water and into the woods to find someone to help him. Deer offered but when he showed turtle how he fought, he broke his horns, then Bear also offered, but he was too clumsy. He asked again if someone would help, and he heard lots of little voices offering, it was a group of little turtles. Turtle was pleased and decided they were perfect to help him, so he led them to where he lived and then went home. Soon after, a big rock fell from the sky and landed on the little turtles, killing them all. When Turtle ran out to see what had happened, he saw a big bird flying away. He asked his neighbor, Muskrat, what bird it was, to which he answered it was the Thunder Bird. From the on, Turtle hides in the water when there is a thunderstorm.
Story source:Myths and Legends of British North America b…

Reading Notes: British North America Part A